Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have yet to share with you guys the photos from the KSK party. Maybe I'll just link you?

I woke up to a very bad dream this morning. Kind of like a reality check. I have not updated this as much as I usually do because I have been picking on my planner a whole lot lately. Things that pop into my mind--things I dare not share, but will take a photo of but make sure to blur some things.

It seems like my Barbie Pink lipstick is taking its toll on me. Here are some photos from Photobooth. Just thought of sharing since I have nothing decent to share, my mind is filled up with hazy.

Wore an oversized Zara shirt and a Darkwhite ultra-ripped jeans to Tito Davis' party while ago. I also Tweeted about how much I had fun with my cousins.

My tita suggested that I cut my hair short--she claims that my hair is too long and does not fit well with my face shape. Mom's thinking about it. What do I do?!

See my lips that is full of Barbie Pink?

Update real soon!