Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am in my dining room like a tape rewinder as I try to look back a good 9 years of wonderful friendship. Ups and downs—happiness (to have found the perfect guy, to have seen the most ridiculous hidden talents of each one, to have finished highschool together, and most importantly, to have found each other and build a friendship that will last a lifetime and beyond) and mourning (over jerks and bastards who are also known as “ex-boyfriends”, over caring grandmothers, over a brilliant father, over a loving mother, and over an awesome brother). These are the ups and downs that I could blurt out, in this case, type, in one hit.


I met Karla when I was in the third grade under Ms. Godoy’s class. The good ole days of Chinese garter where I was the “baby” and she was the “mother”—this line can surely sum up my friendship with the very tall friend. She is straight to the point, never misguided. Opposites are what we are—I am the very perky one and she is very controlled, that is in terms of actions. Observe us one day and you will probably wonder how on earth do these two people remain friends? But I guess our differences, spoken, settled, accepted, or shrugged, are the secret recipe that make us stronger; to understand each other. And that, I would like to believe makes our friendship intact.

Triva: She never hangs up the phone without saying: I love you, Dude!

I met Shai freshmen year in highschool. The demure one. The silent one. Brush and mirror in hand, a perfect combination. These are the two objects that could symbolize the person that she is and our awesome friendship. You know when your hair gets tangled, you run a brush through it, but still have the ends tangled? That is when you need to separate the tangles with your hands; again, you run a brush and have the perfect stroke. I usually have my ends tangled; split, even. I tell Shai via Plurk or Twitter. The simple way of untangling with hands and the way Shai tells me that “it is gonna be okay” are of the same effect—simple but you get something deep out of it. Look in the mirror and you will see yourself; look harder and you will see a different person, someone incredible enough to conquer anything, someone talented yet humble, someone strong who has yet to realize that she is.

Trivia: She is the founder of MVID.

I met Kat the same time I met Shai. She was and still is the most responsible out of all us. Homeworks done the night it was given, projects done a day early. The usual jolly person greeting you, almost jumping up and down, as early as 7:30am. I get a little worried and always get fidgety when I know she is not her usual self. The cause is mine to keep, I choose not to disclose any information about the whereabouts of her heart. Fast forward to the time both of us have been waiting for. Driving to meet the rest of our friends, top down. Of course, we do not put the top down because neither of our cars have a top to begin with. I tell her something, she listens, I talk more, she tells me what to do, I process, she is quiet, I sigh, she smiles at me hopefully, I look up to the night sky, she looks at the rearview mirror. I agree silently when I look up to the sky. She watches out for me when she looks at the rearview mirror—no exchange of words needed.

Trivia: She is the head of the text brigade.

To their friends and loved ones: they're celebrating their birthdays in one night! PLEASE COME and show some love! I know they deserve it.