Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have decided to make this post as a compensation for my unbelievably ridiculous craving for peking duck. I am near the verge of driving over to some cheap, second-grade chinese restaurant for some duck. I am not a duck fan but after tasting what seemed to be a golden duck, I clearly am attuned to the dangerous fact that... I would kill ducks for 2 servings of peking duck.

This was taken last Saturday, October 24th at Gloria Maris, Greenhills. Lim cousins (The Limorellis) gathered together to celebrate Abby's 16th birthday in advanced as he shares the same birth date with Kong-kong. As a "the second", he is obligated to spend his birthday how ever and where ever Kong-kong will celebrate his. He he. BUT a car will be ready for Abby, I can feel it.

This is Gela. She is my favorite.

"Achi Trizia, I want an iPod. The regular one. THE REAL ONE!"


Why, yes. We love having tea, strolling around the park, riding on our training-wheeled bikes, and...


While my parents are out of town (or back home in Quezon) celebrating my Kong-kong's birthday, which I truly wished I have gone to, I was out. Yes, I was out celebrating with the rest of my college friends to celebrate Dei's 22nd birthday at Mogu, Serendra. The way to end such a wonderful night was to, of course, fill our tummys with our ever so reliable coffee. I was so surprised I did not get a phone call from either of my parents. Thank you, Diane for the ride home and for the shotgun sleepover. It was such an eventful night! Here are some photos: The birthday girl is in orange.