Monday, October 19, 2009


If you could ask him one question, what would it be? 'Why do you make me cry all the time? Every song reminds me of you...', ' Why her?', 'Am I ready for your answer?'. The questions could go on and on.


It's when you're home on a Friday night. You pop Definitely Maybe while eating a bowl of popcorn. Your heart aches because you wish you had that.

It's when you're stuck in Manila traffic. You ran out of gas. And score a flat tire. Your heart aches because you wish someone could hand you a cigarette and take care of the rest.

It's when you're shopping with your girlfriends one afternoon. You pass by a store, not even the expensive ons because he doesn't mind like that, get him a goofy shirt. Your heartaches because you would much rather have an empty wallet, spending every cent, to get him the most expensive shirt than have a handful of cash to go shopping for yourself.

It's when you're in class. Your professor grills you, even more so than the Spitfire Chicken you are cooking in Cafe World. Your heart aches because you go home and tell your dog how badly your day went.

It's when you're spending time apart of each other. Girls' night out, boys' night out. 4 hours apart. Your mobile phone rings, you see his name appear on the screen--constantly checking what you girls are up to. You "accidentally" pressed 1 on speed dial and say, "Sorry... So, um...". Your heart aches because you have no one to ditch your girls' night out with.

All these taken off the top of my head. My inspiration for this entry are the stories that my single friends have been sharing with me. I honestly do not mind being single. Really. Although there are times when I imagine having someone as hot as Dr. Karev by my side, there is always an instant black cloud that tells me that guys are nothing but trouble. Only when I'm ready.

You're heart aches because you wish you hadn't written the previous paragraph because most of it, if not al, is bullshit.


This is my planner. This is the only page I can share with you. The other pages are even more chaotic than this one. How I let it all out. I've been telling my broken-hearted friends to try this habit. perfect stress reliever!

Excuse me for the grammatical errors and/or typos! Wrote this in one blow. It's 4:30 in the AM. Tell me what you think!