Friday, October 09, 2009


I am pretty sure that most girls can relate to this very peculiar entry that I choose to write at 2 in the AM. TWO REASONS. For one, it happened to me early this morning and the other, happened to me just a few minutes ago. So, here I am laying flat on my not-so-flat stomach, a lot of bakery ("bilbil" my cousin calls it the bakery) hanging fairly loose.

ONE. You know how some girls try on a minimum of 2 outfits before deciding on which one to wear for the day ahead? I am guilty. Before heading to class awhile ago, I had not put too much thought on what to wear. Normally, I would consider the weather and/or base it on the first song on shuffle. I have 6700+ songs stored in my iPod. In light of a better hue, SUNNY and SPICE UP YOUR LIFE--wear something bright, relaxed, probably a simple shirt, sneakers ,and to spice it up, I go heavy on the rings, which, of course I always do. Forgive my punctuation, a lot of commas in the previous sentence but carry on! Now, here is a thought. GLOOMY and GREGORIAN CHANT. Hee haw. This morning, I took out a pile of clothes from my closet, about 5 sets of tops and bottoms. All 5 outfits are worn and taken off in a matter of 15 minutes. I fell short and decided on the first outfit: a grey cashmere, a violet tank, and my trusty jeans. Yaya Lyns took care of the rest. IN SHORT: NAGAKALAT LANG AKO.

TWO. I am hungry. Almost all the time. Even in my sleep I feel hunger, which is very unlikely for any human being. While you normal people are in Dreamland with all the hotties--Brad Pitt, who is passe ever since Angelina Jolie; Chad Michael Murray, and the vampire, I was in Dreamland with all the notties--Lechon, Bacon, Fruit By The Foot, Pudding, Cheerios, and this goes on forever. Here is the scene a few minutes ago. Open fridge. Take out cheese. Open cabinet. Take out canned tuna. Open fridge. Take out macaroni salad. Open lid. Take out rice. See, there is a whole lot to feed 3 people. Due to the impulsive act of wanting to take out and eventually eat everything in sight, forced me to actually eat everything. I mean, these are not clothes that can be taken care of immediately; put them back neatly into the closet. I ATE EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. IN SHORT: MATAKAW AKO.