Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is my second look inspired by the band Free Energy. I wanted to test drive my newly acquired dork glasses and my floral dress.

I also posted this on Chictopia. Click HERE. I got a bulk of nice comments. Thank you.

I bought 3 dork glasses--the other two are in brown and another black one. These shoes are killer high but surprisingly comfy! I've been wearing it everyday. Just kidding.

This is the first time I've worn the dress and I wore it at my rooftop for a few snaps before it travels to the washing machine.

And of course, Harley had to join me.

Song: Young Heart - Free Energy

Saturday, May 22, 2010


We would often look at our photos twice to make sure if it is really us in it. I refer to her as Twinny because there are shots where we look exactly alike. I love her to pieces and we will walk the streets of New York, buy every Cinderella pieces made, buy a house by the beach, go to every branch of Starbucks, and so on.

This is me, tita Dory, and Clara. There is something about my nose that I really, really hate. Clara is too cute for words.

After 18 and a half years...

Friday, May 14, 2010


It has been such a wonderful week for me. It scares me though. I do not know why. Anyway, I have been obsessing over Neon Trees' Animal--it has been on repeat in my iPod since I do not even remember when. Just a quick run down on a few things, through photos, of course (most of which I do not own, which reminds me, I need a decent camera).

My brother Franco is now in Baguio with my cousin JB and their friends. I love this photo of the three (my sister beside me) of us. This was taken at home after our cousin Lela's debut.

These are the mighty killer black studded heels in suede, which I got for cheap at The Ramp. I bought this for my cousin's party and had to "test drive" it for a break-in. I am 5'4" and these made me 5'9". They are surprisingly comfortable, I lasted in these for 7 hours and survived the war without a cut. I did not even Tweet: "My feet hurt." My floor is ragged, let's just say a dog is responsible for this but it is okay, we're moving hopefully by the end of the year. :-)

You know how you are really bored with life, you buy false eyelashes, and attempt to put it on gear a dozen of times... You realize how excruciatingly painful it is but continue anyway? That is practically the scenario here. Also, this is my current BBM display photo. I will go heavy on the eyeliner next time. P.S. I did watch a few tutorials on YouTube before trying the falsies on... Imagine that!

This was taken today. I have just purchased The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell as recommended by my good friend Diane. I will start reading after this post. Now that I review how my day went, all I can think about is my lunch at Eat & Go--Waldorf Salad with bacon bits, Tomato soup, and a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. I want one now.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


My apologies. It's been too long since I last opened my email for the comments. I was veering away from all the nasty ones, yes, friends, I do get nasty comments (and I am suspecting only one). Ha ha ha. I hope it is not too late but...

Name: Aics

Hi! I also have a Blackberry phone and downloaded some apps like twitter and facebook and even YM. But the problem is it doesn't work. Did you subscribe to the Blackberry plan from Globe, if you're a Globe user?How did you make it work? Help! Thanks in advance and I miss your blog. More updates...please? :)

-- Hello! Again, I'm sorry! This was sent April 17th. You need a BlackBerry Internet Service to make all of the apps work, especially on-the-go. You can go to Globe or just call their CSR @ 211--it is toll free. If you're postpaid, you can avail of the add-on for BlackBerry, atop of your regular bill for SMS and calls. I love Twitter and I can teach you this one: if you already have the BIS, download UberTwitter, press MENU, go to OPTIONS, look for the NETWORK OPTIONS, and select BIS (and check USE WIFI IF AVAILABLE). Download BlackBerry Messenger also! My friends and I are gaga over the "scanning of the barcode". You can also Google the promos and services of other networks. :-) I really hope I helped. Please let me know if I was any help. Thank you also, Aics. I promise to update religiously. God bless you. :-)

Name: claire

i completely agree - its so hard NOT to picture the guy next to you, look for him everywhere, etc etc. also, you arent the only one who enjoys crying - its not masochism, its just wanting a cathartic experience :)

--I like this one! And now that I think about it... crying helps a whole lot and I will shift to a new perspective. Crying over someone, reminiscing about the old times, etc aren't ways of deliberately breaking your heart--it's the best way to release hatred, pain, longing in your heart. I will Tweet this and I will share this to my friends. Thank you very much, Claire! God bless you. :-)

Name: natalia

eu sou do brasil venha ser minha amiga
-- Olá , como está você? I had to use a free online translator for this! Hello, Natalia.

It is 5AM. I will try to sleep now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010



I am typing this away at 5:16AM. I am waiting for my brother to get ready as I will bring him to the station. Only a few minutes ago, I am at my balcony with a cup of warm coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I observe how quiet Manila is at an hour just before the crack of dawn. It was peaceful. No pollution, no honks, just quiet but bright city lights.

And then I spaced out.

Since I passed my very last requirement of my college life, I have been living like a bum. I have waited so long to say, or even think that. The mind and imagination of a bum-who-is-turning-22-in-just-a-few-days work quite... differently.

Most of the people who know me well may describe me as fickle-minded. Well, okay, just AT certain times. Many would oppose to this statement because I like everything laid out infront of me the moment I step out of the front door.

But let us go to this so-called fickle-mindedness and I will present to you how this is in deep connection with the TV series I am currently swamped with.

I am quite amazed at how writers can actually connect with the audience and turn them into something they never plan to be. I commend people who actually turn their lives around after being hooked with some of the shows they love.

I am in the middle of the rope.

I wanted to jump up and down, do stunts, and go rah-rah-rah when I saw how glamorous Brooke Davis' life was. I wanted to paint my front door red when she painted hers. I wanted to be caught up with love and my past self. I wanted to date a basket player. I did that in highschool. It was not as enjoyable as it may seem so I had to scratch that.

Then, I saw how bubbly and witty Summer Roberts was. I then decided how cool it was to kiss someone in a Spidey costume in the rain. I wanted to date someone geeky but has the potential to be hot, as well. You know, geeky-hot sounded really awesome. I spent months hunting for a potential Seth Cohen. A package deal was what I was looking for--curly, brown hair, dreamy eyes, and library of comic books plus some other geeky, intellectual stuff that I could never possibly have known about. But, the search was tough and I had to move on to the next hunt.

I wanted to intern for a magazine, fold clothes, and style models. I wanted to write a book that is as good as watching a reality tv show because it was shallow like that. I remember my friend Aiko. We would fry ourselves under Pearl Drive heat with big sunglasses. I wanted to have a house that is only a few steps away from the beach. I wanted to wear flipflops every single day and have a bestfriend named Lo. I did not acquire any of the stuff I wrote above but one thing Lauren Conrad and I share in common is an unstable lovelife.

I find doctors fascinating. I wanted to have a "Dr." before my name. I wanted my life to be interesting, challenging, even. I wanted to take part in the "she is totally misunderstood" club. I only live once in my life and I want to live my life cutting people open for a living. I wanted the sound of the siren to be an anthem for me--something that would put me on a natural high. I wanted to work my ass off at work, eat something good for lunch, go to a bar and have a few drinks, and go home to an Alex Karev. But all the "diagnose a patient" stints, as well as the scientific "-cilins", are starting to make me hurl. I just re-read the sentence, which I am sure is not even correct, and I am sure I puked a little in my mouth. Plus, I do not think I can pull of the scrubs. I also did not want to endure the pain of losing a lover named Denny. Time of death: this dream ended with a sharp brake.

"Can I reschedule? Okay. I got it. What?! Pitch. Go. NOW. These? Latest arrival. Fab. No! That's practically a give away! Our client wants this. Yes, monkeys! Great. See you tonight. Hold. Yes, good morning, Gertrude, get me a latte" Okay, that was me in Ella Sims' Louboutins. That was me talking to a total of 10 people (7, working for me, of course) as I enter my office that, to me, is more of a home than a workplace.

Can I reschedule? - I was talking to my date, we were supposed to have lunch together.
Okay. I got it. - I was on my phone, taking down a very important meeting (where is Gertrude?)
What?! - I looked at the clock, I was 3 minutes late for a board meeting
Pitch. Go. NOW. - I was talking to one of my minions, who I expect to be one of the agency's finest
These? Latest arrival. - Someone just asked about my shoes.
Fab. - I was looking at a new sample.
No! That's practically a give away! - One of the interns just showed a mediocre sample (Mental note: kick the girl out first thing tomorrow)
Our client wants this! Yes, monkeys! - I was just showing Gilbert (in charge of the design) that our clients want monkeys as part of the ad. I do not know why in hell talking monkeys were superior over talking babies.
Great. See you tonight. - I was talking to my mom about our dinner date.
Hold - A client was at the other end of the line.
Yes, good morning, Gertrude, get me a latte - I was finally in my workspace. Gertrude: my assistant.

Just the thought of the environment sends tingles to my spine. I know I was up for that. But, now that I think about it, I was barely in my office and I had to talk to that much people in a span of 3 minutes. Yes, I would love to hear the sound of my heels clicking everyday and exhaust all of my creative juices. I, unfortunately, would not want to be caught up with the romance of a struggling film maker and a teacher. No, I do not want that.

And, I will not even talk about Elena from Vampire Diaries, you know the drill. Vampires do not exist. It is just our avid fan girl minds that made it up.

This is a really long one. I know for a fact that this is not only happening to me. And that this, is just one of the proofs of how unstable my mind is. My future is at stake here. I do not know what I want, I do not know where to start. I will struggle after June 5th, I know... but I will share them here.

Now, I am addicted to Flash Forward. Oooh. I would love to rock the bullet proof body armor.

I just finished this. I stalled for weeks. I wanted this to be witty. I did not get it. Sorry.