Sunday, August 15, 2010


This week has got to be the most record-breaking week I have ever had in my entire life--full of love, surprises, and undying appreciation.

The rundown:

- I am more than lucky enough to be connected to the web world at all times--I get to discover new things, read interesting blogs, and get to connect with awesome people! I have always wanted to "pimp" my blog and make it vampishly alluring to the eyes. And what better way to do this than to have such an amazing banner that I could not, in heaven's name, create? Thank you very much, Jessica Yun (Sydney) for stumbling upon my humble abode (and what is known to me as my blog--my lifeline). The banner is super-awesome. I am happy beyond words.

- My brother arrived from a 4-day trip to China.

- I had my first ever facial c/o my aunt who is a dermatologist and a good one at that. I had my pimple injected, blemishes cleared, skin tightened and rejuvenated, eyebrows lifted, nose enhanced, and who would have thought this could be taken care of... breasts augmented. I am kidding about the last three, of course.

- I had a few drinks with BC (my college friends). It was a major catch-up session over barbeque and banoffee pie. I do not have a group photo with them (cry!). First photo is of Philip (such a good friend) and I--he was trying to get a photo of him and the scribbles on my back (my face!). Second photo is of Sacha, me, and Bea. Speaking of Bea, I was at Forever21 the other day and saw her. I called out her name, almost gave her a hug... It was not her. It was a stranger who looked like Bea. Thank God, I was not slapped on the face, stoned to death... Only burning from sheer humiliation. I will talk about this some other time. Photos by: Pau Andanar

- My super cute friend Manuel celebrated his 22nd birthday along with his bestfriend (and a friend of mine, as well) Danica, who has grown to be such a beautiful lady. Geez, I sounded like a mom.

- Finally had coffee with Kam 3 days back. Just awhile ago, I had coffee and early dinner with Kam, Diane, and Angela. We will never ever get tired of talking for hours. I ordered my usual vanilla latte at Starbucks. I had China green tea with lots of honey, too.

- THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS WEEK: my Kong-kong (grandfather) surprised me with a hot pink metallic car. I will write a meaningful entry on this one.

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