Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's a nice pair of shoes to pair with a denim jacket and a dress with swirls as its print? :) Will the jacket and the dress look good together? Lol. Considering that floral dresses go well with denim jackets. :p Btw, anything but heels please! :))

Hi! Yes, the jacket and dress would look good together (denims are the in thing nowadays). I'd deff go for a pair of beige ballet flats because beige looks good with almost anything. I'm quite particular with how the flats would fit--make sure your toe cleavages show! Others: a pair of slide-ons for a casual look; leather ankle-strap sandals, preferably with a detail (like ribbons or flowers); ankle-length flat booties (there is a pair in Forever 21 that would look with a dress); or old-school brown oxfords with lace.

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