Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My mom loves decorating the house. After months of table runner-vase-curtains-candles fixation, she is now obsessed with "new antiques". Her eye for these things are impeccable.

Meet Bradee Li. I stared at this for a full 5 minutes, trying to figure out if s/he is a boy or a girl. I could not tell, for the life of me. 
Bradee Li rests on a pillar. I love the contrast--when things are not meant to be together, they look better.
Detail on Bradee Li's pillar. Craving grapes at the moment.
And the winner. I still do not know what to call this beauty. I am torn between Lafarta and... Ashley. I am kidding (about the latter, I mean). Lafarta seems nice. I, of course, did not give any justice to this naked lady. It is beautiful. I tagged her as, "courage in defeat". My mom bought two Lafartas and I bet there is gonna be a third and a fourth.