Thursday, January 06, 2011


It was my mom's birthday yesterday. She is already 43 years old, which means I turn 23 this summer.

We just had dinner (family plus our two very loyal drivers, Tatang, who has been driving for me since I was in nursery, and Mang Unti, my dad's driver) and watched a movie after. Funny story: The movie ended around 11PM and we were all on our way to the parking lot. It was only after 15 minutes when we realized my brother Franco was not with us. To cut the rather funny story short, my dad went back to the movie house only to find him fast asleep. Yes, we left him there.

Finally scored a copy of Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami last night. It was the only copy left in Fully Booked, Eastwood. I was so happy, I did not even bother to ask for a new stock. Okay, I tried but they said it was the only one left but the staff offered to cover it for me. They are too kind!

Try reading his books--I especially love his writing style.