Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The moon glimmers perfectly tonight. That's the thing, I see nothing but good vibes! And after a day full of drama-shrama, I am able to say this. 


Despite the fact that I started my day being dress-coded by Manong Guard, coming in to my Stat class way too early, stuffing myself with the infectious taste of Hotshots Cheeseburger and Twister Fries (which cost me, not the amount of my wallet, BUT my months of dieting), and being bombarded with Prom-B Madness... I AM STILL HAPPY! (I just re-read this paragraph and there is no sign of parallelism, but never mind)

My ManGov groupmates are the best and I am not saying this to get a high grade in peer evaluation. It's just that I have learned a lot. THANK YOU. I feel like we're family already with Daddy and Mommy Thomas as our legit parents! WOAH. Cheers to making the deadline. Bea V., I cannot thank you enought. Good luck to us and our 43-slide presentation.

I got a call from an employee of a technical company (I just forget the right term for their company). Apparently, I am pre-qualified for a part-time job with 20-30 grand as my starting salary. SCAM? YES. But in any case, I will not accept. EDIT: SCAM! Key ko pa naman yan sa bagong mobile phone! Do not take the bait, Mr. Jessie de Leon says! Yessir!

It's funny how giant doors are banged right infront of you and there are still tiny windows opened right before your eyes. 


I talked to Ms. Ang about it and Miss Abby, too. Miss Abby suggested that I don't take the bait as it is gonna be really difficult.

So, to everyone who has and is been losing sanity. I'll share a blog entry that inspired me today:


"Stepping up. It's a simple concept. It basically means to rise above yourself; to do a little more, to show you're something special. You see, in sports they call it stepping up. But in life i call it pushing back." --Nathan Scott

Thanks, Badetsky

As much as I enjoy taking every fag until I get dizzy and having the house all to ourselves with no parental guidance, I still miss Gunther (Pop) and Ki (Mom). "Ki" is our nickname for each other. Yes, I call my mom "Ki" and she doesn't mind. I mean, it's good that they get to unwind and see wonderful Macau and shop for me in Hong Kong, but I MISS THEM.

But. I AM STILL THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE and I am so excited for so many little windows! WEEE! Diane says I'm a gum? Koosh? Love? ball. Oh, yes I AM!

Goodnight, Papitos!