Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am in my balcony as a write this.

I was on a roll trying to do research, as been assigned to Jewel and I by our boss, who is now in Spain having coffee. I was looking for a decent notebook where I could scribble in things—you know, to get that “correspondent”, responsible employer feel. So, I got a hold of a notebook, which I used almost two years ago. I was tearing up the leaves that had notes on them already. I came across quotes I took down by my professors. “You know it’s like you wanna say something but you can’t—like you’re constipated?” and “Imagine Scoobydoo versus the people of the RP”. I just had to go back and laugh until I saw—what hit me in the most unusual way—the mushiness that only a cheese curl could bear. The writings were… fresh. I couldn’t help but rewind the moments. HA HA HA HA HA. STOP IT.

As a result, I had downed 3 glasses of Iced tea, smoked—what it seemed to me—half a pack of silent killers, and dirtied my ever-so clean laptop. Clooney, is what I call my Mac. I was singing to VersaEmerge’s Lover’s Lie. Way to cool a song.

Another update for my Pol.Eco. blockmates: While they are busy with their work, trying to battle the urge to go back into their beds, going through the hassle of pondering on a corporate look for everyday’s trip to the office, conquering the traffic in the P.I. while simultaneously trying their best not to freak out and curse, and wasting their money on unhealthy, overpriced food at their work’s cafeteria, I AM SPENDING MY INTERNSHIP AT HOME. Not fun for me. I would rather work my ass off and go to the office every fucking day and spend every fucking hour being bullied by my superiors. Maybe next week, I will get a taste of the corporate world. So, how is yours?

Cheerios, Chicas!