Saturday, September 05, 2009


You know how it feels when you are caught in a moment and then you blink. GONE.

I had fun pigging out this week. Wednesday lunch with Bea, whose birthday is today, Toni, and Eleu. And last night with my cousins, Michelle and Clara. 32 rolls, baby!

I have not been in the mood to write anything pleasant. I mean, I am usually not the type to just blog about my current activities--blogging every minute. Don't you think it ruins the very idea of blogging? Again, "I woke up today with... and I am thinking about doing this... My boyfriend said..." Of course, I do not have a boyfriend but you do get me.

Also, I have not been able to answer and thank you for the very kind (and some harsh) questions and comments forwarded in my email re: my posts here in my blog. I will sometime soon. It is just that I have not been able to find my niche in life that I would want to share to the cyber world.

See, this is one of the many posts and promises that I have swore over. Thank you, boring me.

Excuse me for saying this, but I am kind of giddy because I can already smell the Christmas air. Maybe later, I will post photos of my day trip to wonderful Quezon, Wednesday lunch, and Friday dinner.

Meanwhile, I am left alone in the house, while the rest of the family tire their feet from roaming around and shopping for stuff--hopefully, they get me at least 2 items.

I am writing this in one blow, like a punch in the head courtesy a cruel enemy.

What else is there to talk about?

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The title of this entry is copied and taken out from a spread in a magazine that is flopped open. I dare speak.