Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have not been in the loop lately. Take it in all senses of the phrase. I know that posting photos is one of my favorite excuses when I am not able to write anything worthy of your time but then again when did I ever write anything sensible enough for you to read? So much for promoting my blog. The other day, I was walking outside, looking for Harley. BAM! Something came into my mind. Something that i would like to share with you. Then POOF. It slipped my mind and now I am back to posting photos. But I swear, it would have been a good read.

Let us cut to the chase.

This was after dinner--Flying Pog, Eastwood Mall with our working girl, Diane, Eleu, and Shai, who just graduated awhile ago. Congratulations. My closest friends in the whole wide world and the rest: Diane, Shai, and Con.

I listen to her, she listens to me. I hope for both! Ha ha!

That was the end of last night and then some. On the way home, my brother Franco, told me that he feels that Eleu is a friend that I can trust. But of course!

Ask my friends and they will tell you that I am one who takes care of my things in accordance to the law? THE LAW? Ha ha ha.
I will show you.

My mom got me a black patent mobile case.

A Golla pouch for my iPod.

And a Samsonite camera pouch for my WD portable hard drive.

Imagine all these stuffed in my bag EVERYDAY.