Sunday, November 29, 2009


I remember my cousins and I got my youngest cousin (well, at that time) Nikole into thinking I was a triplet. It happened when I was 13, my cousins and I came gathered at home and tricked Nikole that yes, it was family secret that I, Anna Patrizia Lozada Lim, am a triplet. And you know how 6 year olds feel so mature when you share a secret with them. It was all planned out, Trizia was out at cheer practice. Trixie, the very perky one came home from Canada. The other very laid back one, Tracy could not make it as there were no flight tickets available. Yes, she is from the U.S. I remember all my cousins welcoming Trixie and Nikole could not hide her true feelings, slightly shocked but more overwhelmed. She gulped a glass of water while the rest of the big girls were trying to keep a straight face--we wanted to crack up so bad our tummies hurt. It took 5 years for me to fess up. "Nikole, I am the only one..."

On that note, I will share the wonderful photos of the best twinpires in the world (as if I have not shared enough in my blog).

The french braid is beyond awesome. Bu of course, I cannot in any way pull THAT off.

There is something refreshing about this outfit even though it seems like she just pulled whatever it was in sight from her closet. Or room. Or wherever she stores her heaps and heaps of clothes.

That is it. Forgive me, Nikole. ;-P

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I want their book.