Sunday, March 14, 2010


I miss the good, old days when I can just observe things and people and put it into writing, in my case, blogging. I have not time in my hands to do things that I do for leisure, like reading a novel. I am piled up with a ton of work that even I cannot comprehend. At the end of the day, I wonder how fast time flies and that it would be better if there were 49 hours in one day. Then my life would be easier. But you know, these things, although difficult to handle, are blessings. The "paper-after-paper" and "tests-after-tests" are reminders--simple post-its, as if to say: "others would kill to handle the stress you are currently enduring". After you have realized this--that a lot of people are not too blessed to get the education that ATM you are taking for granted (or cursing)--you are fine.

I am sick due to school stress. But it is okay. I will try not to complain about these petty things. I am blessed.

Anyway, I love how girly my phone is right now. As most of you would know, I am such a BlackBerry fan. I have convinced quite a number of friends to convert from their old phones to a BlackBerry. I will give you an example, my cousin from Canada messages me on Facebook one day asking about the wonders of a BlackBerry. I told her: Ate, you have to get one now. Your life will change. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. When I woke up, approximately 4 hours, I got a BBM request from her. It is rad.

OK. I am gonna rest now.