Monday, April 19, 2010


Here I am armed with a cigarette and several thoughts running through my mind. I have been idle for days and I think it is getting old.

I have told a few friends to never stall the feelings of heartaches. More often than not, we leave the pain behind, hide it in a safe place, like a... shoebox. The moment we find the strength to deal with it, then that is the only time we feel it. For days, weeks, even years, we take note of the things that make us happy just to cover up the pain because we (yes, I speak for all) convince ourselves that he is JUST a guy. SURE.

IF he is JUST some guy then why is it that:
(1) When you drive around alone, you look at the passenger seat and imagine him beside you.
(2) You automatically change the song that reminds you of him.
(3) When you are out with friends, you make sure to look around the bar to make sure there is no sign of him (if there is, you run to the loo and do a re-touch)
(4) When every movie you see, you imagine it is YOUR story (you are the girl who: wished to be turned into a vampire, got screwed over by the football player, suffered a severe case of Alzheimer's, and married the guy who lives next door when you could have just waited for the ridiculously hot soldier)

Point is, no matter how many times you convince yourself that you are okay, I am telling you, you are not. I know the next thing you do, you convince your friends that you are okay--when they tell you that you are not, believe them. So, just feel it because this is not easy but tomorrow will be.

(6) You just write the things you want to tell him and link it via Twitter.