Friday, November 26, 2010


I got a message from an anonymous girl in Formspring asking for outfit suggestions for her pre-debut photo shoot. The theme of her debut is "Paris-inspired". 

French fashion is interesting because there is not one style that you can associate it with. It is a mixture of high fashion, grunge, experimental, sophisticated, laid-back, androgynous, and the list goes on. The looks I have created in my Looklet for this entry are named after French bands and I did not create looks that are "traditionally" French (beret paired with glasses, huge coat, painting, you know the drill). I was supposed to include a photo of Madeleine, the adorable orphan in her infamous yellow coat--I think you can take her outfit up a notch and include it to one of our looks, as well.

Have you seen the season premiere of Gossip Girl's fourth season? This outfit is inspired by what Blair Waldorf had on in the first scene where she and Serena Van Der Woodsen were strolling the wonderful streets of Paris. Print on print is the "in" thing now and I think that the teal top with rugged flower detail goes well with the hot pink skirt. Blair Waldorf wore a beret but I think that a straw hat would look perfect for this. With the right background or set, say, having lunch or tea at a famous French restaurant, you can definitely pull this look and this would definitely scream "Paris-inspired".
Inspired by my French teacher back in high school. She is so pretty and dresses quite impressively. No, she does not wear mini dresses to school but the print and the somewhat preppy look reminded me of her. Knee socks look best with heels--this, I should have realized when I was in the 4th grade. Think of this look as one that you would wear in a school in Paris. The satchel/attache is the weapon of this look!
Wouldn't it be nice to just shop 'til you drop in Paris, no less?  This is inspired by one of the looks I have (check it out HERE and HERE). Cashmere striped dress paired with tights and cute pair of shoes is the way to go! Top it off with something made in faux fur and a beret plus shopping bags, then you are good to go.
I was talking about the tacky French artist earlier and how I did not want to even include that, well,  I did not have the heart to leave it out. But let us take it to a whole other level, the fashionable, laid-back artist. This look is simple but very well put together. You can include a drawing board to complete the whole look. Remember it is all about the set. Ask someone to Photoshop a nice background for you.
This one is really cute! I saw a French girl's look on Lookbook and it looked something like this, only she had a white dress on. White tights are in now. This can be your "out for a picnic" look or something, hence, the basket and the boat hat, which is super-cute. 
Have you heard of the band Plastiscines, famous French rock band? I listen to their songs and they are really good. This is something that they would wear. I just thought it would be perfect to pretend to be part of the French rock band, arm yourself with an electric guitar and scream into a mic.
I hope these looks help. I had fun logging in Looklet. It has been awhile.


Stephany said...

ludwig von dress + fuschia booties = need! love them!