Sunday, June 15, 2008


Before anything else, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

I don't think it's okay to blog about this BUT...

It's not all the time that we hear mass with Pop but since it's Father's Day, he decided to stay in Manila for the occasion. We took the 12:15 mass at Mt. Carmel and decided to sit at the 4th row, just across the altar. The weather is not cooperating, yes, it was hot, but it's really fine by me. And THEN, a couple (boyfriend-girlfriend) decided to sit across us. Again, fine by me, or at least I thought so. They were canoodling for the whole duration of the celebration. They weren't cute, mind you. EXCUSE ME for saying this but, these are the JOLOG COUPLE YOU'D SEE IN SOME LOW-CLASS MALLS AND PROBABLY LUNETA PARK BECAUSE THEY RAN OUT OF MOOLAH. See? I'm sorry. I don't mean to be such a brat, but hello! We were in church. People go to church because of their personal reasons and that doesn't include PDA. 

TO THE JOLOG COUPLE (I really, really, really hope they read this but then again, they're jolog, hence not having internet access):

MGA GAGO KAYO. You guys are not cute. You guys are nasty. Dahil sa inyo, I have sinned! I mean, yung panlalait ko reserved sa lugar na hindi simbahan at reserve lang kay Bob, Pat, Kam, Anj, Diane, and Trix. (ha ha). And please lang, mali yung pinuntahan niyo. Simabahan, hindi motel, or in your case, LUNETA! RRRR. 

You know how jolog they are? The guy obviously hasn't taken a shower and managed to put on gel. The girl was "feeling" hot and was in need of a salon day. I could have sworn there were flies following them and I am not exaggerating! I should have taken a photo of them but that would be rude. To God. AAAAAAH!

They are the most filthy couple I've seen in my entire life! Parang ka-kosa yung lalake at yung babae, ang buhok naman! OH MY LORD! Her curls are close to kinky. EW! The old lady beside them shushed them already. If I were them (God, forbid!), I'd leave or transfer, to say the least. Dahil mahihiya ako sa LV bag ng mga tao sa paligid ko! MOTHERFUCKERSSS.

Pop and I were super touched to see the old couple infront of us. THAT IS CUTE. The couple across us? NOOOOOOT! 

We had lunch at Cibo. I ATE A WHOLE LOT! Pop ordered two dishes and I had to take a bite from each of their plates! I was hungry and upset. So... HA HA HA! I finally got the Keyboard Shield that I wanted in iGig! WEEE!

I love you, Pop!