Sunday, June 08, 2008


After being kindnapped (again), I treated myself to the most delicious slice of chocolate cake! I think it's from Tita Dory, it's her signature recipe. LOOK:

I am bad with photography. The cake looks more palatable in "real life", otherwise I wouldn't have eaten eat huh. The sugar rush is making me nauseous. I've downed two House Blend Iced Tea from Mocha Blends awhile ago. I was with Diane and Krizia and some of her friends. Hello. Thanks for kidnapping me John and friends!

I have to take a bath because I stink of smoke. Boohoo.

I've had the best news yet! YAY!

Cheerios, Doritos!

I am giddy. Still. The cake look like a whole chunk of black cotton! Jeez.