Thursday, June 26, 2008


YKWYA. :0(

It's become a habit. The moment I wake up, I turn on my laptop and stay on the net for hours. I think that the internet is one of the most amazing gifts from God. THANK YOU!

BAD NEWS: See, I've been meaning to go to Africa since the beginning of college. Thanks to the National Geographic Channel (and Oprah), I've learned to set my goal. I've got my eye on the prize and I'm gonna make sure that I bring home the bacon (?). Anyway, a lot of people, especially my 
friends, KNOW how much I wanna go there and how much I wanna help the people there (my target: the women). "Stop female mutilation", "Stop abusing women", "Equal rights", and "More Wilkins water" (NO, MAHAL PALA), "Kahit VIVA nalang, 12 pesos lang!". All these, I'm afraid I can't do until of course I'm filthy rich and the CEO of my MNC. I just found out yesterday that the fare going to Africa is way too expensive, that going to the US would be a lot cheaper!

Chey Mayuga: Ish, my dad went to Africa. 
Me: Why didn't you go?
CM: It's expensive eh! Mas mahal pa yung fare than going to the US.
Me: Talaga??? Akala ko yung pamasahe (to Africa) parang papuntang Cubao lang!

So there. I am devastated as the victims of hurricane Katrina and Bagyong Frank. So the least that I could do is: have a theme every week. And write something about it here. This week, it's WORLD PEACE. I'm not gonna talk about countries, that'd be stressful as it requires a lot of research. Just for the sake of blogging? NO FRICKIN' WAY. I can actually wrote about anything that would remind  me of WORLD PEACE, something that's not dragging, like PEAS, for example.

Give PEAS a chance.