Monday, August 18, 2008


My posts haven't been "me" lately and I'm blaming the blue template. I visited Kam's page and she change her layout. Might as well change mine. See, Stumella lang. 

Speaking of Stella. You are the topic of my entry. You are a dimwit of a person and you don't deserve your life. I mean, you don't deserve any rat's hole. YOU DON'T. I was this close to slapping your warted face but I was nice, really nice. I was able to brace myself. How dare you?! Don't go Happy Hippie on me. DON'T. Because no matter how much you spend on clothes, you will not look half as nice or decent as a mannequin in some low-class tiangge. See, they do not have mannequins--precisely my point. Your evil, conniving ways are so aggravating! Even your face is. Mas maganda ang cast ng "Dear Boyfriends," sa'yo. (Click to view the fourth episode!). It would be an injustice on the casts' part to be compared with you. Maitim ang budhi mo, pati na rin kili-kili mo.

Hindi ako ganito kasama pero PUTANGINANGITA naman.