Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Who would ever imagine that aside from the cold weather, the beautiful flowers, and pink-maned horses, Baguio still has more in store for me? As requested by the then-birthday girl, my mom had to cater to my interests (not that she doesn't), especially on MY day, where I was treated like a queen. My parents would never approve of shopping in an Ukay-ukay. Never. But again, it was MY day and I was THE QUEEN. I am an avid fan of leather and vintage clothing. I think it is the one thing that will never go out fashion. Now, I am fond of briefcases and could not find a decent one here in Manila as I like them a little bit on the worn-out side. Solution: Ukay, we go! It was sweet of Pop and Ma to accompany me. I guess it was a win-win situation--shop til I drop with everything ON SALE. According to Pop, "mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko".

I got my eyes on this the moment I saw this hanging. OMG, talk about having the vintage-feel. Do you see the Mickey Mouse Detail?

Lucky me, I found this green, leather purse. I was expecting to get black and brown ones but this is just heaven! It was like hitting the jackpot! It even offers a bonus, a checkbook divider, which completes my corporate look. I don't think this purse was even used, the shoulder strap was wrapped in plastic.

Like the green purse above, this was 100% untouched. Every piece of leather was still intact and also, the strap was wrapped in plastic. I love love love the gold button detail. It is beyond beautiful when you see it up close.

I found these necklaces at home. I was watching many of my favorite tv series and reading fashion blogs a lot lately and could not tell whether long or short necklaces would be in this summer. But personally, I would go for the shorter ones that fall just right above my non-existent bazoomas. Let's make this easier and less hurtful, "falls just below my collar bone".

I am most excited to wear the one at the right side. It was given to me by my grandma, Ama Perly. Thank God, I will have a good use for it with less revolt.

I am more than sorry for posting this, I just wanted to share my trip to Garbage Heaven! I would still appreciate your comments. Even the most nasty ones are more than welcome. HA! Thanks!

Cheerios, Chicas!