Monday, June 15, 2009


I had an amazing night with my friends last Friday at Danica Ang's Birthday celebration at Bugsy's. There was a pile of dishes (literally)--and the pile, ready for consumption. It is rare that I drink; I can actually say, I do not drink at all. So there I was engrossed in one of my friend's chi-chi when I shouted, THERE'S BEER IN MY ICED TEA. Everyone took a sip and said that there was none--not an ounce. Figures. I caught Dan pour beer. But thanks for the treat!

Here are some photos that I would like to share:

This is of me and the birthday girl. I am beyond happy she likes my gift, Topshop Undies!

It has been way too long, Girls.

Group shot of the closest friends I have in Pol.Eco.

Last Saturday is my RSF, Toni Fajardo's 21st. ALthough I have been present at her parties for the past how many years, I had to leave early this time because my driver, Tatang is on vacation and Pop's driver (who drove us that night) had to wake up early the next day.

Here is a photo of me with the Birthday girls, Toni and KC. Also glad that she likes my present!

I made a video surprise for Toni. And it is only now that I realize that it has the potential of me having to tear up while watching it. I thought that it would be more meaningful if I included the song I recorded (in a real studio, BEETEEDOUBLE-U) when I was 13. Forgive me, I tried.