Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The Baguio trip with my friends (Anj, Dan, Dei, JC, and Ib) was nothing but fun. We stayed at my place. Our stay in Baguio comprises mostly of fun-filled adventures and I do not intend to spill the beans. Aside from the Forks-feel we experienced, the hurtful songs sang in the karaoke made us a wee bit nostalgic. But it is a good thing we were all there to comfort each other--with booze in hand, of course! It is quite a long drive going to and from Baguio, especially the bumper to bumper traffic in Urdaneta, but we all got stories to tell so, let's just say, we didn't "feel" it. All in all, it was a blast. Just you wait for the videos we made. I will edit the video SOON. Meanwhile, I will be sharing some photos taken out from the 500+ photos we took during the trip.

This is the usual scene. Everything happened in the living room! (L-R): Anj, Diane, Dan, Me, Dei, and JC.

This is a photo that I took of Diane and Anj. It is my favorite out of the bunch. No edit, except for the watermark! :)

This is taken by Diane with her SLR. This is Anj sporting her Prada bag. I LIIIIKE!

Karryl was also in Baguio and since she cannot come over my place, Dei, JC and I visited her at The Manor. It was really good to seE her!

This is a group shot taken at the park on timer and tripod c/o Diane.

Photo by Diane. I love our outfits!

With Diane and Anj.

The Wowowee man himself! He walked up to my car and asked us if we wanted to watch Wowowee. We are so excited!