Monday, June 22, 2009


I will not talk about how my one and only class went. Let's just say I badly needed to unwind and thanks to my friends, Shai, Toni, and Eleu, my stress was taken care of. We had lunch at Agave, Eastwood. Ola, Mexico!

While only some of you may know, my Kongkong (Grandpa) is not only the most loving Grandpa in the world, he is also quite generous. He took his apos shopping yesterday. And fortunately, I was part of the 1st batch--see there are 22 of us. Our shopping time is also our bonding moments. Most importantly, it is only the time that he would allow us to go to the mall without supervision.

This is Kong-kong and cousin Michelle. See, when he takes us shopping-- HE TAKES US SHOPPING.

This is Daniella at M&S trying on a cute pair of glasses! She is too cute for words.

MNG was on-sale but this pair was not. It was a hold-up but I have been lusting over this kind of jeans! Heavily influenced by the Olsen twins.

It is those sort that you wake up in the morning with no care for the world; you grab your grubbest pair not knowing that it does look good--the Wala Lang jeans, I would like to call it.

Check out the garter detail. Fits well at the bum, too! It is to die for!

Shai and I are addicted to The Hills. Over at lunch, I braided my hair just like LC's and Shai was sporting a black dress and big sunglasses. We were too funny.

I am not a fan of brushes and combs. Perfect for an LC hairstyle! I may have to braid my hair and Toni's from now on.

The rest is still unwritten. LOL.

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