Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I haven't been posting, forgive me. It is just that I am so preoccupied with NOTHING--it does not make any sense, excuse the term, I am in search for the right word, so NOTHING will do at the moment.

Just a heads up on the happenings (a.k.a. my current slate):
1. Arrival of Aiko and Er (quick visit for Aiko)
2. Resto review (I swear I need to take a lot of photos of food)
3. My last year in college (HOPEFULLY)
4. ...And my plans thereafter
5. My supposed Baguio trip (yet again)
6. The new 'do

Oh, I can kill myself for making this update. Nothing deep there.


Tomorrow, I promise. I just need inspiration, like a painting, for example.