Friday, June 12, 2009


To make up for the lost time (and also because I am tormented with guilt), I will post entries until I fall asleep. For now, I will post photos AGAIN. Later on, I will post my Top Ten Songs for the past 2 weeks. See, I have been planning on posting it awhile back--it has been rotting in my drafts, thank you very much.

This one is of me and Clara at Mommy Daiz's Birthday. I was trying not to rely on my bangs anymore. Side-sweep-just-a-little-over-the-ear--forehead exposed. :-)

Denim is IN! I have had this vest since January hoping to find a good use for it. I got it for a cheap price too! This was taken outside our house in Baguio. Thanks, Diane for the photo!

Aiko's visit. Ahh. Too much to say. I missed her terribly. Anj's surprise was Er.

This was at Barcino. Aiko's last night in the PI. I shall devote a blog entry on this.

This was taken at Cuisine. My cousins, Achi Essa and Clara, and I had dinner at Madison, Greenbelt 5. The food was good and the service was excellent. Plus, there is free Wi-Fi so I had time to Plurk and Twitter while waiting for our order. Achi Essa treated us to dinner and I treated Clara at Cafeteria (for Late Midnight Snack), where I ordered Bacon, Pesto, and Cheese Sandwich! I am now craving for it. And some Barbarella too!

That is all.