Saturday, November 07, 2009


It has been such a busy week for me, you have no idea. I am excited for NeverForget. The shoot is scheduled later. Now, I am counting the hours before I bust a move, The Lemonheads blasting loudly in my iPod. I can feel them singing behind me.

I have been me meaning to write a decent post on love, or the lack thereof. I changed mind. It is tacky and I am sure someone can expound on it based on real experiences.

Friends, you now who you are. I miss you all very much. I have been too emotional while missing every laughter with you guys. I know it has just been about 2 weeks of not having dinner and late drinks (beers and vodkas for you, iced tea for me) but it feels like a lifetime since I last saw you guys. We will have lunch on Monday and Tuesday. I can bring my un-named portable hard drive and share movies and tv series. BTW, I download movies and tv series from via uTorrent.

Side note: Keep On Loving You by The Lemonheads FTW. Hee hee. My November song. If only you could read this, you would get it. Gah. I think I puked a little in my mouth.

Dear, Jesus. I hope it does not rain cats and dogs tomorrow. The only cats I would appreciate are stray ones taking a stroll in our location for tomorrow's shoot. The only dogs I would appreciate are Darcy (Golden Retriever), Winky (Cutest Pug), Buster (Shih Tzu), Digby (Beagle), Harley (Toy Poodle), and Mustard (French Bulldog in the pet shop). I hope everything goes well. Love, Your daughter.

Wish the whole team luck tomorrow! Wow, TEAM.