Friday, November 27, 2009


I am not here to write about:

How I am intimidated by my professors and how reciting in 3 of my classes seem like a tongue twister game.
How much I want to graduate and be a bum thereafter.
How excited I am for NeverForget Clothing, which I have yet to dedicate a blog entry to.
How my mom has been less reluctant about my smoking. She dropped me and my titas off at Starbucks and did not allow Zia to tag along with us because she does not smoke. According to her, only girls that smoke can hang out in Starbucks.
How coffee dependent I am, as if that is not obvious enough.
How I see things and how I opinionated I am with the mass massacre that happened just recently. On this note, let me just share: Everytime I think about the people with no mercy, killing INNOCENT people, I also think about the HERO of the year giving 90% of his prize to his foundation and 10% to church. There are still kind-hearted people left in this world.
How much I miss my brother and how much I cry everytime I think about his death.
How my right cheek hurts because of the growing pains due to my stubborn wisdom tooth that would not grow accordingly. I am having surgery next week. Well, hopefully not.
How much I love my family.
How it pains me to hear things that my supposed friend said about me.
How much I would give to go back to highschool and do things differently.
How I betrayed alcohol.
How one person breaks my heart everytime I see him.
How much I love New Moon.
How I love the smell of the Orchid scented lotion I used awhile ago.
How I would save up for my new puppy, Naomi.
How Mozella has been playing non-stop in my iPod.

I am here to write about the spider I saw in my sink. It was big and ugly. And there was nothing itsy bitsy about it. I hated that song and no one knows. But now you know.

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