Thursday, January 27, 2011


Huge thanks to my BlackBerry, I am able to receive emails, important ones that make my day. I manage 3 e-mail addresses--1 for work (then job-hunting), 1 for my fashion blogs and social networks, and 1 for my blog. I still find myself jumping up and down whenever my phone sends out an alert, bearing good news that (most of the time) make my day. So excited to share this THING with you but I still am in no position to disclose any information about this THING that I am excited about. On another (but related note, trust me it is, I just won't spill) note, I will be answering  2 sets of questions--from bloggers who are nice enough to stumble upon my blog and feature me in theirs, at work tomorrow. DURING MY FREE TIME, OF COURSE!

Here is an old photo of me taken by the awesome Clara Tan.

Hope I can spill already! I am stoked as a lily pad.
It has been ages since I last babbled here. Feels good.