Sunday, July 05, 2009


I get it, the King of Pop passed and it is in everybody's right to mourn. But what is up with the headlines about the tragedy of his death and the sudden top-notching songs of his. When he was still living, all he got was sheer judgements paired up with hasty generalizations. Way to pump up the old habits, huh? By suddenly praising him in all his glory. Just saying. And pure observation. Let him have his happiness and that does not include SUDDENLY downloading his music and PRETEND he is your idol. Give me a break.

I have been rotting at home and bought some cool stash from Metrowalk. I am going back with my sibling tomorrow morning because apparently, a movie sells for P40 a piece. Not bad for my pocket (or my parents' rather) but bad for the entertainment industry. The photo below would show it.

PrEncess Protection Progran. Yikes! Fail! I slept halfway through the movie and decided to give it another shot. It was cutesy patootsey. I will hand them to my niece, Daniella tomorrow. I have also seen Fired Up, which made me miss cheerleading terribly and Table For Three. Jeez, with due respect to Sophia Bush (whose character in the hit Television Series, One Tree Hill, makes me want to find my own Lucas Scott), I caved. I was frustrated with her character in the movie. I have also been watching Smallville. All because of my long-time crush, Tom Welling. So long I have been crushing on him, I remember declaring my love for him nationally and probably, internationally, if you count the Candy issues that my relatives abroad bought. Who inspires you (Candy Magazine asks in 2004): "My family and Tom Welling". Jesus Christ!

I will try my very best to update this. I know, I know, I have been saying this everytime I post a new entry. But this one is real. I just have not found anything interesting to blog about. Big thanks to those who visit my blog. Thank you. :-)

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