Saturday, July 04, 2009


People can be so apathetic sometimes—well, most of the time. Along Wilson, I saw an old man carrying a brown folder; the white shirt he was wearing, almost worn-out. I noticed how he stopped abruptly, holding his stomach and holding what seemed like the pain he was feeling. Right there along the sidewalk, he stopped. There were passersby, cars even. He walked a few steps and stopped. Again, holding his stomach. But this time he leaned forward. I can imagine how much pain he was feeling. There were many passersby, cars even. No one stopped to help him. I cannot stomach how people did not even help, let alone ask if he was okay. Not one car rolled down their windows to ask.

Neither did I.

Tatang, my driver said, it is the responsibility of the government to help these people. I could not agree more. But we have to accept that the government cannot stand alone. Most of us have accepted that the government cannot (and will not, point taken) fulfill its responsibilities. So what (or who) are we left with?
Not one person stopped. Not one car rolled down their windows.

Neither did I.

Green light went on as I watch the old man suffer—that’s when I realized that sidemirrors are not that helpful when driving, it was a very devastating sight.