Sunday, August 02, 2009


1. Name: ......
your so pretty, how come your still single..
-- Ewan ko. ☺

2. Name: fan
kapamilya or kapuso? Ehe
-- I love ABS-CBN shows!

3. Name: fan
it looks that you're good in applying make up, any tips?hehe
-- Hmm. I use 3 kinds of powder/base for my face. The first one I apply is foundation for under my eyes, to cover the unwanted dark circles. Next is a 2-way foundation for my T-zone. And last is just an ordinary face powder to even up the skin tone of my face and neck—this powder that I use is a natural tone, a bit darker than the first two I apply. I rarely put on poweder on my cheeks (this way when your skin gets oily in the afternoon, you’ll have a natural-looking blush) It may seem a lot, but I swear it is not too much. I cannot live without my eyeliner; I use dark brown. I put on my lash line (to make my eyes bigger). Then just a little blush.

4. Name: klsp
what happened to us? we used to be so close but now I don't even think I know you anymore. I miss the old Ish... simple yet noticeable. quiet nevertheless funny. distant but reachable. lovable although crazy. I just miss the old you... I don't want to be emo but hearing you sing makes me remember the way we were before.

-- Sino ka ba? I was never quiet so you’re definitely lying. ☺

5. Name: kandz
love you, ish!!!

-- Love you, too!

6. Name: shai dela merced
can we share jake? :-) (friends forever!!!!)

-- Fine, fine. In the name of friendship! Friends forever!!!!

7. Name: fan
what is UA&P ?

-- University of Asia and the Pacific.

8. Name: FAQ
Hey! I too like your fashion and am also surprised because like me, you're also a big fan of Wowowee. :D How did you start modeling?

-- Thank you! I am a big fan of the show! I remember attending VTRs since I was a kid, but I was a shy one so I didn’t get any projects. When I was in the 2nd grade, I became a Sailor Moon model. END OF CAREER. Ha ha ha. Seriously, though, I don’t model naman. Just a few stints, that’s it. I have an agency though, I got connected with the agent in highschool thru a team mate and is now an actress.

9. Name: tara
Hi! What do you think should be my creative shot? I'm really in to dancing, and novels by sophie kinsella and music. What can you suggest? :)

-- Hi, Tara! I suggest that you go out of your comfort zone. Try something that isn’t you or something/someone that you wanna be aside from going along the lines of dancing. For my creative shot, I was torn between Andy Sachs (from The Devil Wear Prada) and Phoebe Buffay (from FRIENDS). Phoebe won. He he he. Why not Andy Sachs, eh? ☺ Tell me how it goes! Sorry I’m not much help.

10. Name: meggie
have you tried hair extensions?

-- Not yet.

11. Name: inns
i love your outfits here. i wanna raid your closet if given the chance. all your stuff seems expensive. do you buy cheap stuff also?

-- Thank you, Inns! I am the Queen of Thrift! Nothing beats the feeling of having someone praise you for an outfit that is under a P100!

12. Name: g
sa inyo yung bldg? ano busines ng falily nio?

-- As in where I live? Yes. It’s my Kong-kong,s (grandpa). Real estate, shipping, fishing, and poultry.

13. Name: KC
cute ng latest vid! gnda ng voice mo. pwede! ahm, ano height mo?

-- I’m short. 5’3” and ¾ . May ganon?!

14. Name: siL

hi, trish.. alam m sikat pala ako dto s blog mo... ehehe. nywaz, feeling ko i knw u na.. lgi ko binabasa kaht na mrmi galit sakin dto. gnda mo..

-- Good for you!

15. Name: baby
anu celfone number mu?

-- ☺

16. Name: clarisse
thanks for answering my question. you like tom welling pala (your inspiration) gets mo? lol. do you have projects now? how do you get projects?

-- I get it. Wala eh! Attend VTRs and castings. Wait for what would seem like a million years.

17. Name: jane
where did you get your pink shoes?

-- Topshop.

18. Name: nhellieboy
i did'nt know your modelling pala, my friend is asking , how tall are you daw.. i'm just 5'5".. in short.. i'm short.. how bout ya?

-- Nope! 5’3” and ¾.

19. Name: mariedigbyfan
how was the concert? :-)

-- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, everyone! Hit me up with some more! This was just shotgun.