Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometimes, I would give the rain a chance--a chance for it to be appreciated by yours truly. Tonight, the hard rain is something that I dare not like. I think about the houses made of card board boxes, ones that are near the creek along Araneta Avenue. The rain, specifically that one that is pouring mad as I type, can be so unforgiving! Probably a sign from the heavens to, I don't know, stop being so cruel? Hmmm.

A whole LOT has happened this week--things that I do mind sharing. So, never mind. However, I would like to share a piece of my priceless possessions.

I may have over... I lost count. Can you? I spent exactly 3 hours wiping each and every one of my precious with a damp cloth (with alcohol, of course). All are plastic covered and most of the spines of my books are not broken. I only have about three that's broken. Weird. And also, I wrap my books with plastic cover with no scotch tape involved. How do I do it? Hmmm. Magic. I still have to go through the same process with my Archie Comics, that is over 300 pieces. Numbered and covered, too.

I lololololove my mini library. It is the one thing that I come home too in my most stressful self. I look at it, admire it even, and everything just falls into place.

I am also proud of the Best Actress award from ROC Playfest '07. Sweet Jesus! This is my sanctuary! Go through my library and you can see the kind of childhood I had.

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