Thursday, February 11, 2010


Confession: I have not come to terms with the dancing dragon. I have been terrified by the red dancing dragons you see in the opening of new businesses owned by Chinese--yes, the ones you see with at least 5 people inside, usually in white shirt and red pants. And yes, the ones during Chinese New Year's. While I was on my way to grab coffee with my friends, I saw one on the road. I am not terrified anymore. I think. I did not scream. Some of you would ask something rhetoric, like, "Because you were in the car?". Maybe. Point is, I have to embrace my roots and a big part of that is the dragon dance. Funny, since I was a little girl, dragons have been invited to our house almost ALL the time. So now, I conclude that dragons are funky. I can feel that this is my year. Dragons bring good luck. Bring on the luck, after all, I was born a dragon!

The photo below is inspired by New Year's, which I will spend in Quezon with my dad. I miss him so much.

I love spicy noodles. Try out Weiwei, it is the best! It is best eaten with chopsticks!

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