Monday, February 15, 2010


Because of 2 reasons: first, it is almost 4AM and I am still up, busy scouting for new TV shows that I would eventually be addicted to and second, it isn't the 14th anymore, so no more of those cheese-y or bitter posts.

I am here to talk about how I live in the lives of my favorite characters and how I relate to each of their stories. Although I am not in love with a vampire, (I mean, the closest thing I have gotten to one is hear Edward Cullen's voice on the rip-off audiobook I downloaded before) I can relate to Vampire Diaries' Elena's compassion for her loved ones. Although I am not in love with a director, (the only thing I have gotten close to a one was when I was asked to run back and forth in heels, hold a cellphone "correctly", and I forget the rest) I think I can relate to One Tree Hill's Brooke's guard when it comes to falling in love.

I think every girl does. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even if it means wearing big sunglasses to Starbucks and using the word "like" a million times in a sentence. There is nothing wrong with it because these characters, in times of loneliness and heartbreaks, they step up--they still look pretty and shrug of their problems. I think every girl should, even for a short time. We deserve that.

I played director and screen captured this. One of the most heartbreaking scenes that I repeated over 5 times. If only I could tweak it a little bit and OWN it.

"My attendance is bad but my intentions are good", One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 16.

There are signs of being "UberBitter" but if you please.