Sunday, June 13, 2010


Overdue looks that I have not posted. I am about a week or so late in posting them. Since, my unemployment awakening, I have found the time to update my Chictopia round the clock--okay, twice a week. All the photos are taken by Clara Tan, the epitome of awesome.

"LOST CITY OF GOLD" by Love Connection

Hair up or hair down, I kept this look really simple for two reasons: (1) The gold, shoulder-padded top is too amazing for me to even put a ribbon, necklace, or any color that could dismantle its very essence, which is A LOT OF GOLD (2) Try walking in these 5.5" killers, you would not even bother walking to your dresser.

To compensate for the lack of accessories, this black ribbon barette in chiffon was all I intended to put.

Most of you will agree how minimalist this look is but that is what I was actually going for.

More details of the look HERE.

"DAISY" by The Fang Island

This 2-in-1 Little Tikes hard couch-slash-toy trunk normally sits three 5-year olds. What happened? I could barely fit in it. Not that I was expecting on maintaining my little 5-year old self. What I'm saying is that I am the size of three 5-year olds. So what happened?

In detail: The studded belt is too big for me that I had to literally tie it around my waist with the metal buckle bothering the small of my back like mad crazy.

Floral dresses never fail to put me in a good place. I love how it never goes out of style. I love how I feel like I am being possessed by Charlotte.

The flats that I have been wearing for weeks now. Where is it? I may as well sleep wearing it.

This is Clara BTW. We always get: You girls look alike! And I could not agree more. We would be closer to twins if only I got her height. She takes awesome photos. Visit her blog. Click HERE.

And this is us with our goofy faces ON.

More details on the look HERE.

I will be updating tomorrow.

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P.S. I did something incredible the other day.