Friday, June 18, 2010


The photos below, (again taken by Clara Tan, are snippets of my next look, which will up in my Chictopia very soon.

I have not worn this dress out yet, I just thought of test driving it. I recently bought it because I am crazy over florals.

This outfit reminds me of Phoebe Buffay but only a little bit of me. I am a big fan of black banded skirts, which you will see once I post the full body shot of this look.

This is my favorite shot. I used it as my Twitter background and profile photo. Visit my Twitter page. Click HERE.

I am trying my very best to wear lipstick every time I go out. I just find it such a huge hassle as I usually wear my hair down and for some reason I end up eating my hair--okay, I exaggerate. Also, I am hassled by the fact that I have to retouch once in awhile because when I am out, I overdose on coffee. But you know, a touch of red on the lips can make up for a very pale face.

One of the "artistic" shots from my Wingwalker look.

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