Friday, July 23, 2010


This is one shotgun post as it is almost 4 in the morning and I am still trying to catch up on Smallville (still in Season 5, I know, I am way out of the loop). Tom Welling has been my number one crush since high school and I had to announce my love for him in a magazine. See, when I was 16, I thought that I would not feel embarrassed when the time comes that I decide to say this: "Oh, who was I crushing on when I was 16? Who are the people important in my life?". No, I did not think that today, I am gonna regret seeing this: "My family and Tom Welling." So, friends, do not ever think that you knew all too well when you were 16. There are things and decisions that you will most likely regret and you will realize these in 4 years. I dated a pervert when I was 16. See? I'm just kidding.


It takes a while for me to read the comments that are posted here (but now, I already synced my blog email to my BlackBerry). Two comments stood out of the few. 1. Do you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend? and 2. Kumakain ka ba ng isaw? (Do you eat chicken intestines?). I AM DEDICATING AN ENTRY ON THESE TWO TOPICS. I WILL WRITE THEM LONGER THAN ANY OF MY ENTRIES HERE.

Okay, I know my graduation entry is delayed and I do not intend to make one now. But this is what I wore. I'm posting a full body shot soon. Dress my the lovely Shai dela Merced, owner of Provocouture You can see the top. I am typing with one eye open. I am sorry about the babble.

Photo by: Clara Tan