Saturday, July 31, 2010


The thing is, I have always been good at giving advices, especially when it comes to love. I doubt I got it from real-life experience. I must have gotten my skills in giving love advices that, if I may add, are most of the time true--where most of my friends would end up saying "exactly". I tell my friends to break their walls, loosen up, and believe in love. "Risk it"--risk the feeling of pain and heartache because you would not know if you do not dive in. As the old saying goes, "it's easier said than done". I am able to analyze every situation of my friends' love lives from start to finish, or at least until when it starts to blossom. I am able to say, "stop seeing the bastard, he's breaking your heart. You deserve someone better." I am able to tell whether the relationship is about to rot and whip up ways to bring the spark back. I am able to decipher the line between the path to friendship and the path to relationship. All these I can never tell myself. I can never convince myself of the fact that love is not all about the romantic stuff only, but filthy obstacles come along with it as well. I can never convince myself that there is someone out there for me, who will not break my heart. It is not that I do not believe in love or have given up on it. This brings me to a theory, single ladies are single not because they want or choose to be. They (or should I say, we?) are single because they are scared shitless to have someone who can make them retaliate from what is planted into their minds. Because they know that there is someone who can make them have a different perception of love... And this new perception will be good, better than what they had before.

Someday, this will be dedicated to someone. I fell in love with the song but could not give justice to it. Obligatory disclaimer: I sang this in one blow last night, listened to it awhile ago, realized how pitchy it was, and added the Ambient Vocals in the background (to semi-conceal the flubs). Pay attention to the last part, I included a photo, which I have been meaning to post and blog about. Again, if you decide to press the Play button... Earphones!

The Only Exception (Cover) from Trizia Lim on Vimeo.

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