Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It was a fairly good news, what my Mom told me. I just got out of the shower when she said: "Hey, Achi. Gusto mo mag-shopping?". I got giddy and just smiled. Then she goes, "Ng kotse?". I had a wider smile. YAY! Then Pop called me and said that he was getting me a new car! YAY! He even joked around and said he was gonna get me a Mazda 3. Yes, a Mazda 3-wheel. HA HA. But I, being the good daughter that I am said that I'd be okay with any car. :) Tita Donna called him and asked what color I like. I said, black. Pop said, "anything but black". Whatever. Purple nalang! SuggestionsAHEMsuggestions. ;-) Okay, I'll stop now. I have to get ready for the party. WOOHOO.