Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think that Twitter has got the best of me. And Plurk, too, which I am gonna be over and done with some time soon. Because of these social network sites and the microblogging it offers, both have overshadowed my blog since I am always on the go--or I would just like to think so. It has been a habit for me to go on mobile and I do not consider myself as a madwoman, a partial one, no less, to blog on mobile. I carry a notebook around with me so that I could scribble down random thoughts that pop out of nowhere. See, even passersby inspire me to: one, ridicule them (i.e. what they are wearing but mostly about how lovers go by, like those in movies) and next and last, think about my blessings in life--my family, my friends, and the list goes on.

Geez, that was quite a ramble on, even for me.

Flip over a new page, or better yet, tear that. Change topic.

I have been buried alive with books that I have bought over the past week. It is amazing how books can take you everywhere, be in someone's shoes, page after page after page. It made me miss theatre, the adrenaline, most of all.

I started to think of the most painful thing, instance, moment, that Claire (a college student, taken for granted by her true love, gave so much but never appreciated--but then again, what is 'so much'?), turned her back and let go of the person who she thought was the one, which I commend her for because she did it for herself) and Gail (a young mother, a wife, who has got the 'everything is going according to plan' but OOPS, am I happy?, perfect house and perfect husband with a young bundle of joy, lives in the moment but caught up in the past, kind of like Claire, waiting for Fred Astaire). The common denominator? Every girl's story. What do you think?