Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night (or should I say the other night, coz it is already the 30th), my friends and I went out for dinner for Shai's birthday at Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood Mall. You know how much I love my friends? VERY MUCH! It is ridiculous how much I depend on them. Of course, we headed to Bugsy's for late drinks. I went home late, which is not really part of the plan. It was quite eventful, you see.

I am currently counting the hours to my trip to Quezon for my Grandparents' 51st anniversary and also to see my dad. So I am very excited. Today (or awhile ago), I had a shotgun bonding with my sister, Zia, who I think is born in the 80s--I do not think of her as 6 years inferior to me. She gives me good advice. We hung out at Starbucks, did a little shopping (mostly for our yayas and our driver Tatang's children). I also gave P50 to two sampaguita vendors (one who, might I add, gave me a little bit of a trauma because she cursed me before due to the 15-peso change I gave her).

Now I leave you with lines from the song I am listening to.

do you remember
how i carried your heart
and i carried it far
and i know
that theres no one to blame
its a sure given shame of my own
that you dont..
-- Parker, Automatic Loveletter

My cousin, Lela Plurked that I listen to Unhearted by the same artist.

I did not bother to watermark my photos for this entry becauseI HAVE YET TO LOOK FOR A DECENT WATERMARK APPLICATION. SUGGESTIONS?