Thursday, August 13, 2009


I threw a silent bitch fit in the restroom earlier today, right after I turned in my test, which I studied for (yes, I do study). A herd of dimwits were hogging the bathroom's mirror. I placed my laptop and bag by the sink. Dimwit #1 was combing her hair. My advice: wash it a hundred times, your hair smells like a moth ball. There was a little space in between her and my things and I practically shoved her. It was my turn to hog the mirror. Dimwit #2 was praising herself with a pat on her shoulder because she has finally sported Blair Waldorf's black tights, short dress, and headband. Excuse me, you little twit, that phase was out, so never walk around like you are born cool because clearly, you are not. Dimwits #3 to #88 smelled so bad I wanted to barf, I could have sworn Dimwits #6 and #67 farted. I could not take the coolness of it all anymore, I had to leave the restroom. Since I was having a really bad morning, I stepped on Dimwit #1's foot. I did not say sorry, she did.

Thank you.