Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Date: July 26th, my sister's birthday. It was only the four (well five, counting Harley) of us. Pop was at the other car. Don't ask me why we rode separately.

At YinYang Tea House. L-R: Karla, Toni, Me, and Rissa taken last July 30th. Sean, Bea, Toby, and JP were there too.

Car ride going to Con's condo. Ready for her surprise! I love my bestfriend even if according to her, "I invited myself over". In my defense, I was PROVOKED to invite myself over (I have the habit of ambushing her) when she over the phone she said, " Bes, it's my birthday and you're not here to visit me. You have to make bawi." SO THERE (I know one of my professors hates, SO THERE but SO THERE).

This was before the surprise for Con. Taken at the 7th floor parking lot.

Hello, we were obviously bored waiting for Karla and Shai.

Matching phones. Shai and I.

L-R: Laverne, COn, Me, Shai, and Karla. MIA: Katrina (who left early to go to another party), Karryl (who was studying at Tomas Morato), Cheska (who was at a party), and Kandz (whose phone acted up). I love you all.

Last August 1st, Marie Digby performed live at the NBC Tent! She was awesome and beyond!

While waiting for the concert to start. Photo of me and my siblings.

Hope you enjoyed and did not rot out of sheer boredom.

I have several questions waiting to be answered. :-)

I apologize for the bad quality of the photos. I will get a decent photo editor soon. And an SLR when I get rich.