Sunday, November 29, 2009


I remember my cousins and I got my youngest cousin (well, at that time) Nikole into thinking I was a triplet. It happened when I was 13, my cousins and I came gathered at home and tricked Nikole that yes, it was family secret that I, Anna Patrizia Lozada Lim, am a triplet. And you know how 6 year olds feel so mature when you share a secret with them. It was all planned out, Trizia was out at cheer practice. Trixie, the very perky one came home from Canada. The other very laid back one, Tracy could not make it as there were no flight tickets available. Yes, she is from the U.S. I remember all my cousins welcoming Trixie and Nikole could not hide her true feelings, slightly shocked but more overwhelmed. She gulped a glass of water while the rest of the big girls were trying to keep a straight face--we wanted to crack up so bad our tummies hurt. It took 5 years for me to fess up. "Nikole, I am the only one..."

On that note, I will share the wonderful photos of the best twinpires in the world (as if I have not shared enough in my blog).

The french braid is beyond awesome. Bu of course, I cannot in any way pull THAT off.

There is something refreshing about this outfit even though it seems like she just pulled whatever it was in sight from her closet. Or room. Or wherever she stores her heaps and heaps of clothes.

That is it. Forgive me, Nikole. ;-P

Photo credit:

I want their book.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I am not here to write about:

How I am intimidated by my professors and how reciting in 3 of my classes seem like a tongue twister game.
How much I want to graduate and be a bum thereafter.
How excited I am for NeverForget Clothing, which I have yet to dedicate a blog entry to.
How my mom has been less reluctant about my smoking. She dropped me and my titas off at Starbucks and did not allow Zia to tag along with us because she does not smoke. According to her, only girls that smoke can hang out in Starbucks.
How coffee dependent I am, as if that is not obvious enough.
How I see things and how I opinionated I am with the mass massacre that happened just recently. On this note, let me just share: Everytime I think about the people with no mercy, killing INNOCENT people, I also think about the HERO of the year giving 90% of his prize to his foundation and 10% to church. There are still kind-hearted people left in this world.
How much I miss my brother and how much I cry everytime I think about his death.
How my right cheek hurts because of the growing pains due to my stubborn wisdom tooth that would not grow accordingly. I am having surgery next week. Well, hopefully not.
How much I love my family.
How it pains me to hear things that my supposed friend said about me.
How much I would give to go back to highschool and do things differently.
How I betrayed alcohol.
How one person breaks my heart everytime I see him.
How much I love New Moon.
How I love the smell of the Orchid scented lotion I used awhile ago.
How I would save up for my new puppy, Naomi.
How Mozella has been playing non-stop in my iPod.

I am here to write about the spider I saw in my sink. It was big and ugly. And there was nothing itsy bitsy about it. I hated that song and no one knows. But now you know.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


One of the things that fascinate me is your ability to turn my world upside down.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


YES! I went out for quick smoke hoping to catch the meteor shower. I was looking up to the sky hoping to see one. The closest thing I have ever gotten close to one is from watching Smallville and that does not even count, does it? I was close to giving up as I find stiffed necks traumatizing. I saw it and it was beautiful. I hope my WISHES come true.

Never let it slip away.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I downloaded BLOGO and I am so happy that I can blog and Tweet at the same time.

This is a photo of my Mom and I. I love her to death.

This was taken last Saturday, during the NeverForget Clothing shoot. Photo by Clara Tan. Doesn't he look like a wonder dog?

This is just a trial. If I like this application, I might blog about something really meaningful.

BTW, my relatives from Canada are here to stay for 20 days. I missed tita Flor.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here is the NeverForget Behind-The-Scenes slash Teaser. Enjoy!

Monday, November 09, 2009


After a month of planning, where the past two weeks can be labeled as "stressful", we were able to come up with a great shoot. The NeverForget shoot yesterday was awesome! I will talk more about it in my next entry. Special thanks to CLARA (my sidekick/partner), Chelle, Fred (our photographer, whose birthday was also yesterday, Diane, our models, Constalene Navarro, Mitchi Kawpeng, Paige Renola, and Zia Lim, Mrs. Renola (our makeup artist and also the makeup artist of Ms. Earth).

Photo #1 sums up our first collection. NeverForget has 9 pieces for the first collection. Watch out for the official photos coming out soon!

Photo #2: First collection NeverForget Blazers and Skirts designed by Clara Tan and Trizia Lim

Photo #3


Saturday, November 07, 2009


It has been such a busy week for me, you have no idea. I am excited for NeverForget. The shoot is scheduled later. Now, I am counting the hours before I bust a move, The Lemonheads blasting loudly in my iPod. I can feel them singing behind me.

I have been me meaning to write a decent post on love, or the lack thereof. I changed mind. It is tacky and I am sure someone can expound on it based on real experiences.

Friends, you now who you are. I miss you all very much. I have been too emotional while missing every laughter with you guys. I know it has just been about 2 weeks of not having dinner and late drinks (beers and vodkas for you, iced tea for me) but it feels like a lifetime since I last saw you guys. We will have lunch on Monday and Tuesday. I can bring my un-named portable hard drive and share movies and tv series. BTW, I download movies and tv series from via uTorrent.

Side note: Keep On Loving You by The Lemonheads FTW. Hee hee. My November song. If only you could read this, you would get it. Gah. I think I puked a little in my mouth.

Dear, Jesus. I hope it does not rain cats and dogs tomorrow. The only cats I would appreciate are stray ones taking a stroll in our location for tomorrow's shoot. The only dogs I would appreciate are Darcy (Golden Retriever), Winky (Cutest Pug), Buster (Shih Tzu), Digby (Beagle), Harley (Toy Poodle), and Mustard (French Bulldog in the pet shop). I hope everything goes well. Love, Your daughter.

Wish the whole team luck tomorrow! Wow, TEAM.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I was feeling a little bit like the intern LC--folding clothes here and there, labeling accessories, etc. Of course, I would not let Clara be LC, so to me, she is Whitney. Hee hee. We are so excited for Never Forget. We have tons of ideas and I cannot wait until everything is up and running!

I took advantage of the light shining through my window awhile ago. It was as if there were no gray skies. And look, Harley is cute beyond words.

I am feeling a wee bit lazy to do the continuation of my previous post. I am feeling a little bloated because of the heaps and heaps of food I consumed today. I am feeling a little bit antsy because it is already November.

I am so excited for Saturday's shoot!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


... to respond to all of the comments, questions, suggestions, and violent reactions forwarded to my email, I have decided to give this a try. Although I think that this is more convenient (not having to copy/paste names and questions), it may also seem like I am talking about myself by giving random facts. I respond to every one of messages. My blog in one tab and my email in another. You know the drill.

I will, however, quote some because some, if not all, will make you laugh so hard you will fart. Like this one from Sil.

Name: siL
hi, trish.. alam m sikat pala ako dto s blog mo... ehehe. nywaz, feeling ko i knw u na.. lgi ko binabasa kaht na mrmi galit sakin dto. gnda mo..

What can I say? What are your thoughts? Thank you, Sil.

I do not give out my mobile number. BUT maybe I will when NEVER FORGET opens and this will be SOON. Excited for the shoot on Saturday.

I stand 5'4" and not proud of it. I do not have any projects except for school projects. CORNY.

I got my pink slip-ons from Topshop.

Nhellieboy, please tell your friend that I am 5'5". Danica, my good friend is the one and only Diyosa. As for me? I am the Engkantada. Inside joke between Dan and I. I hope she is okay.

I've experienced ONE heartbreak in my life. He was not boyfriend. And that blows. So, Jamie, be careful with your heart. Did you see the photo of my planner in my previous entries? That is what I do. I write things to get them out of my non-existent chest.

Tara, I apologize for responding late. For the yearbook's creative shot, I think you need to stick with our university's dress code. Yes, Andy Sachs is love. She is my idol forever.

hi, tnx 4 answering my questions.,another one here im using concealer na yung stick and im applying it to my pimple marks then i'll apply facepowder but after non na notice q na uneven yung kulay, mas dark yung may mga concealer, hehe, any tips on applying concealer?? and what concealer and face powder you can recommend. thank you so much for your time. Godbless

I have dark circles/eyebags and I think it is in-born. I am not big on concealer kasi eh so what I do is I use sunblock cream foundation just around the eye area. Next, I cover and even it up with 2-in-1 cream foundation, but the shade is one tone darker than the sunblock cream foundation (I also use this to cover up blemishes), and then I put loose powder, which is one tone darker than the 2-in-1 foundation. :-) Think of going downstairs with regard to the tones.

Thank you for the encouragement, Schoolmate. I am jsut so insecure and most of the time intimidated. But thank you very much. Bless your heart.

I do not anyone named Anna Gianellie Lim.

I love my books. I intend to keep them as long as I live. I am currently reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.

To download series and movies go to The site will give you lots of links.

I love my parents. They are the best. It is not that they spoil me, my mom just loves going to the mall. She is 41 years old.

I am tired and will continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I am not big on bluntly attacking people here in my blog, not unless you are an ex-lover. I am just annoyed and have to let this out. Yes, annoyed at this time of the day, typing in the dark. I am more than 100% positive that a lot of y'all (country FTW) hate having to deal with people literally sucking your identity (i.e. writing off what you blogged about, as in verbatim, most of the time; grabbing terms, which you have perpetually told your dear friends the terms' history and what they meant to you, and your addiction to Barbie pink lipstick). I write in the interests of those who are annoyed with this certain someone we know. I am on the verge of sharing the link, you can bash her there. But of course, no one reads her blog. HARSH! See, the reason why no one reads her blog is because she has no sense of originality. Please, stop copying my friend.


I am not this mean. Wanna know who she is? Coz I might reveal.

Uyy, mababasa niya ito at gagawa siya ng ganitong entry! At tiyak na siya'y matatamaan. PERO... sasabihin niya na meron ring nanggagaya sa kanya! Uyyy!