Monday, August 30, 2010


The past week has been a reflection of my views toward the ever so delicate topic that is none other than the 4-letter word most of us are afraid of... L-O-V-E.

We would talk about over coffee, think about it when we are alone, rant about it over the phone--yes, it is everywhere. Last week, three of my closest friends have asked for my advice regarding the topice ven if my credibility was unfavorable. On top of that, I received Formspring questions asking me the following: Are you in love? Have you ever had a boyfriend? Plus one that is nothing but disturbing--occasional questions such as Wanna get it on? I, of course, would not dare, for the life of me, answer those questions individually. If I have a boyfriend at the moment, trust that the things that you would be reading here are all about our heated discussions regarding the ending of the movie that have seen; our silent moments during our coffee dates, which I would consider precious; how he excused himself from dinner to buy the flowers that the vendors were selling outside some Italian restaurant we were dining in; how he supported me for my undying love for grease-y burgers and fries; how he laughed at me when I was wearing a dress plus my Hello Kitty combat boots; and so on. So, the answer to those questions is no, which I am deff okay with.

Now, ask me why. Three friends, three different stories and situations.

To make this even more exciting but more so to oblige myself to post an entry everyday, I will talk about each of one and divide it into three sections because I am very much inspired to talk about this and make you come to a very important conclusion.