Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If there is one thing that I would want to be good at, it would deff be drawing.

Exhibit A: Love On Halt illustration is a disaster. But I am just trying to make the first chapter animated.

Back in college, my groupmates and I were given a task to portray unrequited love. It was hard enough to evoke the condition through dramatization as it was hard enough to act infront of our literature class. How do we show unrequited love--its causes, its conditions, its effects--when we know that the pain it causes never ends with just a drop of tear. To show unrequited in love and put it into a photograph, to me, was the best portrayal of the topic. Why so, you ask. In this situation, you just stay still, not moving, waiting for the other person to come to his senses... just like a photograph. A lot may say a photograph captures the best of the best but I think there is more to the best than there actually is. The truth.

The truth is hard to accept. Can love be measured? Does it have an expiration date? When do you stop? When do you give up? How do you cope? Will you want out? Am I losing? Is this a game?

And a lot more questions.

I have a template for these things that come about when my friends are in a deep love coma. "It takes courage to love someone more than yourself. But it takes more than courage to accept the fact that IT cannot be." What could IT be? Acceptance. "You know, there are things that cannot be handed out to you instantly. Sometimes, even if you work really hard for it, it still won't happen." Yes, rants about life-is-unfair take place BUT... "There is no other way to heal but to accept. Accept that he isn't the guy of your dreams. Accept the fact that he will not call you everyday. Accept the fact that he would rather spend his time hanging out with other girls while you sit at home on weekends. Accept the fact he will reel you in and drop you in an instant. Accept the fact that there is no future. Accept the fact that he could never be yours." Ouch. Reality hits. But that is the sad truth. There are things in life that do not belong together. There is no magnet.

So, I end that template with a shrug and "You will be okay. You just have to suck it up and never let the jerk see you cry".

I thought it would be funny to put a watermark on my photo. You know, my art work is something that is hot and prone to internet photo thefts. Ha ha ha!