Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Because I cannot think of a better title. I am listening to All You Got by Tegan And Sara

When us girls get together, we get together. We pick up where we left off, we tease each other every chance we get, we fall into silence from a momentous laughter and then laugh again. We have known each other for more than half of our lives, which I find very odd--a total mix of characters, if hand-picked by qualifications, characteristics, personality, hobbies, and so on, we would not have been chosen to be part of the same group. So, how do we stand each other considering the hail blend of personalities? I do not know. Tell me. If I message them one by one to answer this question, I would probably get a uniform response: "... Love you, Trish, go to bed." But this is what I think makes our friendship "long-lasting", so to speak. It is that we have no definite answer as to how we ended up as friends... We love and support each other despite our mixing bowl of personalities. (We miss you, Karryl and Chesca!)

Back in 2004, our senior year in high school. (L-R): Shai, Karla, Kat, Kandee, Laverne, and Con.

July 2010, Tagaytay for Kandee's birthday. We are missing two people: Chesca and Karryl.

Taken tonight, Karla's early birthday dinner/drinks. Thank God for side bangs, digital perm, hair dye, colored contact lenses, and a progressed knowledge on fashion.

Can u tell who's who? Tee-hee.